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Cost Efficient & Professional

I had a complicated legal matter back in January 2013. Other attorneys were quoting me huge sums of money to fight the matter, but they couldn't guarantee me success. Mr. Camenzind came in and cut through the red tape, dealt with the other side, and settled the matter very quickly. I only had to go to court once. He was very cost efficient, competent, and professional. I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends. Thanks Joe!


Tenacious & Professional!

We respectfully and gratefully endorse our legal counsel, Joesph Camenzind IV. My daughter and I have great admiration for you, Joseph. You organized a massive amount of information that we had collected, and you researched a seemingly impenetrably corporate entity to put it all together, working patiently with us, until we had a complete case that brought us a settlement beyond our expectations. We appreciate your professional skills, your intelligence, and your tenacity.

-Marjorie R. & Cynthia H.

He Never Backs Down

I hired him to be my attorney in a lawsuit case. I witnessed one of the depositions he gave to the other party, and he tore the other party apart with very efficient questions — and we won the case.

-Sal A.