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Division of Assets Attorney in San Jose

At the Law Office of Joseph Camenzind, IV, I possess the expertise to cater to the division of assets in simple and complicated cases.

It is difficult to reach an agreement concerning the division of assets once a marriage is dissolved. The complicated process of divorce and division of assets can be mentally, emotionally, and financially challenging but is essential to complete the process in accordance with the law. Both spouses often rely upon marital assets for their financial and retirement protection. In high-cost-of-living areas such as California, it is important to hire an experienced divorce attorney who will defend your rightful share of the division of assets. The Law Office of Office of Joseph Camenzind, IV is highly experienced in managing all types of division of asset matters.

In California, the property is divided according to community property law. It means that all property that is owned or acquired by you or your spouse during the course of the marriage will be divided between you and your spouse on an equal basis. Similarly, any debt incurred is also the responsibility of both parties. However, there is an exception which is known as separate property if the property or asset was either a gift, inherited, or was owned before the marriage took place then it will not be required to be divided equally There are disputes arising where spouses disagree whether a property is a community or separate property and this is where representation from experienced attorneys in this area is highly essential Once it is decided that the property is community or separate, the next step is for the valuation which again requires attorney guidance and arrangement

Common assets to divide include but are not limited to:

  • Real Estate Property

  • Bank accounts

  • Cash

  • Retirement accounts/I.R.A./401K/Businesses

  • Stocks/Bonds

  • Vehicles

The judge in a disputed divorce is always inclined towards dividing the property according to community property rules. You should have an experienced attorney representing you during the process of the division of assets to safeguard your interests.

The Law Offices of Joseph Camenzind, IV has years of experience in dividing assets and acquiring the most favorable outcome for its clients concerning the division of marital assets. I can help you negotiate a fair and equitable asset distribution settlement. The stakes are very high, and your future protection is at stake, that is why I will work tirelessly to see you get the best results out of your divorce.