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Spousal Support Attorney Serving San Jose

The spousal support attorney at The Law Office of Joseph Camenzind, IV, assist clients to understand their financial aspects after a divorce, mainly regarding spousal maintenance charges. Whether you will have to make payments to your former spouse or you will receive this type of financial support, I will work effectively to make sure that your final order is fair and reasonable and allows you to have a powerful financial future.

Spousal support is a bit different from child support in the sense that it is based on need, rather than a set of established guidelines. This means that the court is in charge of assessing various factors, and makes it imperative that you recruit the assistance of a qualified spousal support attorney from San Jose while dealing with these matters from either end.

Spousal support is an essential part of a marriage's dissolution in California. Spousal support is also known as alimony, and this financial arrangement involves support payment from one spouse to the other as a part of a divorce agreement. In California, there is also a law that spousal support is automatically canceled upon death or remarriage of the supported spouse. If there is a major amendment in the financial situation of either spouse, the court can make modifications to the support order as well. Whether you are seeking spousal support or defending against a spouse who is pursuing support payments, you must seek the help of a qualified spousal support lawyer from San Jose.

Factors that Affect Payment

In the majority of marriages, one spouse serves as the main breadwinner of the house who is the person responsible for the earnings while the other is dedicated to caring for the home or the children. In a divorce, the spouse who terminated a career to care for the home or look after a child may find himself or herself at a financial disadvantage. In these cases, spousal support may be granted for disadvantaged spouses.

Need a Spousal Support Attorney in San Jose?


California Law requires various factors to be taken into consideration by the courts to determine spousal support calculations and the schedule of payments.

Some of the common factors are:

  • Age and health of both Parties

  • Career of either one spouse was affected by taking care of the child or being jobless

  • Needs of each person, based on the standard of living they had during the marriage

  • Marital misconduct

Courts look at factors such as age and health of the parties, custody of children, the standard of living during the marriage, whether one or both parties were working, and more when establishing guidelines for spousal support. As a seasoned spousal support lawyer in San Jose, Joseph Camenzind can help you work toward a resolution that prioritizes your interests. Don’t roll the dice when it comes to divorce and spousal support laws in San Jose, contact me, Joseph Camenzind, one of the best spousal support attorneys in San Jose, today.

Temporary spousal support can start prior to the pending court case being finalized. Once the final spousal support is decided, the long-term payment agreement will replace the temporary existing spousal support.

Our Law office can help in providing support on accurate calculations of spousal support, temporary and permanent requests, filing court forms, and legal representation in the courtroom.

How a San Jose Spousal Support Attorney Can Help

Divorce and separation are highly emotional conflicts that can stir up turmoil in anyone’s life, and moving forward with any type of divorce proceedings without a divorce attorney is a huge mistake. As a reputable divorce and spousal support lawyer in San Jose, I can help ensure that you don’t get the short end of the stick and that the courts take all proper factors into consideration when making their ruling.

If you lost your job and are unable to keep up with your current spousal support arrangement, I can help. Likewise, if your circumstances changed and you want to establish spousal support even though you previously had no need for it, or want to establish an amicable arrangement where both parties agree that neither party wants anything from the other, I have you covered.