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Child Support Attorney Serving San Jose

The divorce and family law attorney at The Law Office of Joseph Camenzind, IV has several years of extensive experience in tackling child support issues.

Regardless of your fight to acquire custody of your children, child support will remain an issue in any case. You will either be paying it or will be receiving it. Given the higher cost of living in California, determining a proper amount of child support is important for both parents. If you are looking to establish child support or defend against a support action, call me at my law office today to discuss your case.

Courts have little discretion in deciding the amount of child support to be paid or received. Typically, child support is calculated in a very formulaic manner. The calculations are based upon three main factors: the parents’ income, the percentage of time each party has the children, and the number of children involved. The courts have created formulas in an attempt to eliminate subjectivity, I can help with the calculations.

With several years of experience in California family law matters, Attorney Joseph can work with you to obtain a fair and reasonable child support arrangement that enables you to raise your child in a safe and secure environment.

We help parents with the following questions:

  • Awareness of child support guidelines

  • Advocate child support issues

  • Enforcement of child support orders

  • Modification of child support orders

Support From an Experienced Child Support Attorney

Call the Law Office of Joseph Camenzind, IV for a consultation. I have years of experience handling Child Support matters. Family courts in California can be complicated, and I will help you through the process.