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Child Custody Attorney Serving San Jose

Child custody is one of the most difficult areas a parent has to face after a divorce. Child custody provides the legal relationship between a parent and child and the right to who can keep custody. It involves the care, control, and upbringing of a child that is allowed by the law when parents divorce or are not living in the same house anymore. It includes the right to make decisions for their children and explains the amount of time each parent will be allocated to him or her.

The Law Office of Joseph Camenzind, IV is developed on the concept of communicating with its clients in a timely manner to make sure that each client feels informed about the advancement of their child custody matters. The members of the Law firm recognize that communication and accessibility help reduce some of the stress associated with child custody cases.

Child custody defines the legal relationship between a parent and his or her child in which the parent has the right to make decisions for the child and the parent in charge has a duty to care for the child and his protection making sure the parent is not negligent in his or her upbringing.

Child custody becomes problematic when separating from a spouse or after a divorce. If you and your spouse separate amicably, you and the other spouse can mutually agree on a parenting plan which details the period of time you and the other parent have custody of your child. But if you and the other spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan, the court will have to decide on a parenting plan that is based on the best interest of the child.

This aspect of California family law can be very complex. Therefore, it is highly essential that you speak with an experienced child custody attorney from San Jose, CA. If you are facing child custody issues or fighting for the custody of your child, then it is essential that you contact an experienced child custody attorney from Joseph Camenzind, IV. Our law firm fights to ensure the child’s best interest and believes that optimal upbringing come first.

Family Law Can Be Very Complex

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Divorce is never easy, and is perhaps, one of the biggest losses a person can experience. This is often worse when there are children involved, as figuring out child custody and other related legal matters can complicate things significantly. When it comes to those you cherish, don’t take any chances. Don’t go without the counsel of a skilled child custody lawyer from San Jose, like attorney Joseph Camezind.

How a San Jose Child Custody Attorney Can Help

Whether you need assistance negotiating on more favorable terms or require legal counsel to proceed with the modification of terms, know that a reputable and established child support lawyer from San Jose, California, is your best bet. I understand that as a parent, you want what is best for your children, and I work hard to ensure that all legal arrangements are organized with this priority in mind. I have assisted countless clients with a wide range of child custody matters in San Jose and can use my legal expertise to formulate smart legal strategies that work for you.

I am an experienced family law attorney who has handled a large scope of family law matters in San Jose, and can assist you with all your child custody legal issues and concerns, including:

  • Child custody

  • Modification of terms

  • Child support

  • Paternity

  • Divorce and Dissolution

  • Grandparent’s rights

  • Prenuptial agreements

If you are seeking the counsel of a seasoned child support attorney, look no further than The Law Office of Joseph Camezind, IV. With an established reputation and a track record for success, you can rest easy knowing that I am on your side. Call today to learn more!